Map Sheet 6A: Lusk
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Proposed Amendments:

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PA SH 6B.1:

Amend zoning from RU-Rural to RC-Rural Cluster at Rathartan.

















Clár ábhair


Map based rezonings That the following zonings below are rezoned/undone/reverted to their previous zonings: PA SH 6B.1: RU-Rural to RC-Rural Cluster at Rathartan.
I wish to express my support for the proposed amendment number PA SH the Draft Fingal County Development Plan 2023-29.  This would provide housing for family and friends in...
Dear Sir/Madam, Please find my submission for the Proposed Material Alterations to the Draft Fingal Development Plan 2023-2029. Kind regards,  Shauna McGuinness 
Dear Development Plan Team, I raise this submission with the full backing to amend the motion of PA SH 6B.1 to be implemented in the new Fingal development plan 2023 – 2029. This is badly...
Please see submission enclosed.