CHAPTER 8: Dublin Airport

Dúnta11 Sam, 2022, 9:00am - 22 Nol, 2022, 12:05pm

Proposed Amendments

PA CH 8.1: Section 8.5.7 Ensuring Environmental Protection and Sustainability, page 309

Include the following text as a final paragraph on page 309:

That the Development Plan recognises the inadequacy of the proposed noise insulation scheme to protect the health of those affected by aircraft noise and that in view of the increasing knowledge and scientific evidence of the serious health impact of aircraft noise on the physical health of Fingal residents that it is an objective to take measures including the expansion of noise insulation to ensure noise levels produced by aircraft during night time are reduced to below 40 DbL Night, as night-time aircraft noise above this level is associated with adverse effects including increased mortality, stress, high blood pressure and a deterioration in cardiovascular health.

PA CH 8.2: Section 8.5.7 Ensuring Environmental Protection and Sustainability, page 311

Amend Objective DAO11as follows:

Strictly control inappropriate development and require noise insulation where appropriate in accordance with table 8.1 above within Noise Zone B and Noise Zone C and where necessary in Assessment Zone D, and actively resist new provision for residential development and other noise sensitive uses within Noise Zone A, as shown on the Development Plan maps, while recognising the housing needs of established families farming in the zone. To accept that time based operational restrictions on usage of a second runway the runways are not unreasonable to minimize the adverse impact of noise on existing housing within the inner and outer noise zone.

PA CH 8.3: Section 8.5.7 Ensuring Environmental Protection and Sustainability, page 311

Amend Objective DAO13 as follows:

Ensure that aircraft-related development and operation procedures proposed and existing at the Airport consider the requirements of the Aircraft Noise Regulations, the Noise Abatement Objective (NAO) for Dublin Airport, the Noise Action Plan and all measures necessary to mitigate against the potential negative impact of noise from aircraft operations (such as engine testing, taxiing, taking off and landing), on existing established residential communities, while not placing unreasonable, but allowing reasonable restrictions on airport development to prevent detrimental effects on local communities, taking into account the EU Regulation 598/2014 (or any future superseding EU regulation applicable) having regard to the “Balanced Approach” and the involvement of communities in ensuring a collaborative approach to mitigating against noise pollution.

PA CH 8.4: Section 8.5.9 Promoting Quality Design, page 314

Amend Objective DAO26 as follows:

Objective DAO26 Ensure that all development within the Dublin Airport Local Area Plan lands will be of a high standard of design and sustainability, to reflect the prestigious nature of an international gateway airport, and its location adjacent to Dublin City.




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