CHAPTER 12: Implementation and Monitoring

Dúnta11 Sam, 2022, 9:00am - 22 Nol, 2022, 12:05pm

Proposed Amendments:

PA CH 12.1: Section 12.3 Monitoring, page 428

Include an additional bullet point after the first paragraph as follows:

  • The 2 Year Review of the 2023–2029 Fingal Development Plan.
  • Report to the Regional Assembly setting out progress made in supporting objectives of the RSES.
  • Plan Monitoring in accordance with Part 10 of the Development Plans Guidelines for Planning Authorities – June 2022.

PA CH 12.2: Section 12.4 Implementation and Monitoring System, page 437

Include at the end of Monitoring Section relating to Policy CMP1 as follows:

To project the potential carbon emissions from major road projects and upgrades and cross reference projections based on road monitoring data after construction.
















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I 100% OPPOSE and DO NOT SUPPORT this at all. At the beginning of the development plan, the top table rejected a motion from the green party to count 'carbon emissions' when it comes to road...