9.7 Air quality

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The need to ensure the highest standards of air quality is recognised by Fingal County Council. Legislation governing Air Quality is primarily addressed within Air Quality Standards Regulations 2011 which implement European Directive 2008/50/EC. The Environmental Protection Agency is the competent authority for the purpose of the 2011 regulations and Directive 2008/50/EC.

There are two major factors impacting on Air Quality around the Dublin Airport LAP area:

  • Air quality resulting from construction phase during development works; and

  • Air quality arising from ongoing operations of the Airport and surrounding areas including as a result of traffic accessing the Airport.

As detailed in the Fingal Development Plan 2017-2023, long term monitoring of air quality at the Airport and along major roads should continue through the Dublin Regional Air Quality Management Unit. daa carries out ambient air monitoring at Dublin Airport and operate an air monitoring station on site. The results of this monitoring are published on their website- www.dublinairport.com40.

Trees and Hedgerows provide both valuable amenity and wildlife habitat. Visually they add to an area, softening the impact of physical development on the landscape while also fulfilling an important role in the improvement of air quality in urban areas and providing wildlife habitats. Fingal County Council promotes the retention of existing trees and hedgerows and the removal of significant stands of trees or hedgerow shall only be considered alongside proposals for adequate compensatory habitats within the Airport boundary or the general vicinity of the area.

The following air quality objectives will be applied in assessing any development proposals at the Airport.


Implement the provisions of EU and National legislation relating to air quality, as appropriate and in conjunction with all relevant stakeholders.


Implement the recommendations of the Dublin Regional Air Quality Management Plan or any subsequent plan(s) and any other relevant policy documents and legislation in order to preserve good air quality where it exists or aim to improve air quality where it is unsatisfactory.


Ensure that development proposals in the Dublin Airport LAP area take account of the current and predicted changes in air quality, greenhouse emissions and local environmental conditions.


Take account of the global and local impacts of aviation as well as the likelihood of international action to limit greenhouse gas emissions from aviation through action at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)as mandated in the Kyoto Protocol when evaluating any proposals to significantly increase the use of Dublin Airport.


Undertake a review of existing air quality monitoring (and associated appropriate remedial action in the case of breaches) within and surrounding the Airport (including changes in Particulate Matter (PM) at relevant locations). Where relevant, such a review should identify additional monitoring proposals, remedial actions and implementation systems – such needs shall be provided for by Fingal County Council and/or daa.

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