7.1 Growth of the Airport

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As highlighted in Chapter 3, Dublin Airport is faced with a number of capacity constraints in the short to medium term on a range of key infrastructure to meet forcasted growth, including surface access, the existing runway, aircraft parking stands and passenger boarding gates. However, there are a number of key interventions that if implemented during the plan period will enable the capacity of the existing eastern campus to be maximised to 40 million passengers annually. Surface access and transport infrastructure required to enable airport growth within the plan period is contained in the LAP in Chapter 8 Surface Access and Transport.

Alongside surface access improvements, this phase of growth will focus primarily on maximising capacity within the existing eastern campus, comprising terminal augmentation/reconfiguration, the expansion of the US preclearance facility, completion of the north runway and aircraft stands, pier and gate development strategically placed to support both passenger transfers and point-to-point operations.

Additional aircraft stands and passenger boarding gates and pier development to facilitate forecast demand could require the relocation of existing support facilities such as the maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) and cargo facilities within the Airport lands. This would allow more efficient use of lands within the eastern campus and provide the opportunity for consolidation of these facilities. Safe and efficient vehicular access between the eastern and western campus is promoted to facilitate the movement of airside ground support vehicles across the airfield.


  • Enhanced Surface Access.36

  • Maximise capacity of T1 and T2 to meet demand for passenger growth while preserving improved level of services.

  • Expansion and enhancement of US preclearance facilities.

  • Additional aircraft parking stands, pier and gate capacity.

  • Support existing maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) and cargo facilities and relocation where appropriate.

  • Support and faciltate safe and efficient vehicular access between the eastern and western parts of the airfield to facilitate the movement of airside support vehicles.

  • 36 - Chapter 8 Surface Access and Transport refers.

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