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Extensive residential areas are located in the wider area surrounding the Airport. Fingal County Council recognises the need to ensure that the community impact is appropriately considered as Dublin Airport continues to grow in the future and that a balance is achieved between national, regional and local imperatives and the needs of these neighbouring communities. Maintaining strong relationships with local neighbouring airport communities are particularly important as the Airport continues to grow.

Formal engagement between Fingal County Council, daa and neighbouring airport communities occurs through a number of ongoing platforms such as the Dublin Airport Environmental Working Group [DAEWG] and Community Liaison Group [CLG]. The DAEWG provides focus on the matters relating to the monitoring of airport noise, flood risk, air quality and the growth of the Airport. The Community Liaison Group [CLG] is another important forum to further engagement specifically with the local community of St. Margaret’s which is located immediately to the west of the Airport lands. This forum provides the opportunity for Fingal County Council, daa and the community of St. Margaret’s to communicate in an open and transparent manner. The key focus is on creating an engaging and collaborative forum that discusses issues of relevance to the area, particularly in the context of airport growth and operations.

In relation to St. Margaret’s, the FDP 2017-2023, in local objective 61, seeks to ‘Prepare a strategy for ‘St. Margaret’s Special Policy Area’ involving consultation between the existing community and the Dublin Airport Authority’. This strategy has been prepared as part of this LAP and is included in Appendix 1.

It is also important to acknowledge the continual role of daa in working and engaging with neighbouring local communities. In this regard, daa meets regularly with different community groups through the community support and sponsorship programme and through the more formal engagement forums referred to above. Various community initiatives are supported for neighbouring airport communities through daa operated Community Fund in education, literacy, sports and the arts. daa Community Fund proposes to invest €400,000 per year over the next 25 years in local projects focused on areas such as environment and sustainability, sports and recreation, social inclusion and community development, health and wellbeing and culture and heritage.

Fingal County Council recognises the need for ongoing and continued engagement with neighbouring airport communities throughout the period of growth envisaged over the life of this LAP. This engagement is necessary to ensure that the environmental impacts associated with the development proposals are carefully managed and mitigated through land use planning and environmental monitoring and review processes.


Fingal County Council will continue to engage with local communities that are likely to be affected by the growth of the Airport with a view to ensuring their concerns are understood and appropriate mitigation proposals implemented where required.


Support the continual engagement between daa and neighbouring communities regarding airport growth.


Support the implementation of the Strategy for the Special Policy Area of St. Margaret’s included in Appendix 1 to this LAP.

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