Sheet 7: Donabate-Portrane

Dúntadate_range24 Fea, 2022, 9:00am - 12 Bea, 2022, 11:59pm

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Land zoning restored
See Submission Attached
rezoning GE to RU
See Submission Attached
Rezoning of Lands – Turvey Avenue, Donabate, Co. Dublin
In the Draft Development Plan there is a proposal to rezone lands in Turvey Avenue Donabate from Land Use Zoning Objective ‘GE’ – General Employment – “Provide opportunities for general...
Rezoning of lands at Turvey Avenue
I am a home owner in the cluster of houses on Turvey Avenue, and I fully support the proposed rezoning of land at Turvey Avenue from GE to Rural. I do so for the following reasons. The land...
Proposed rezoning of land from GE to Rural
I wish to make a submission in relation to the Draft Development Plan 2023-2029. As a home owner of one of the properties in the Address Redacted I strongly support the proposed rezoning of land at...