Appendix 8: Map Based Local Objectives

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Howth West Pier infill proposal
  The Plan should include an objective to maximise the biodiversity benefit and the amenity benefit, especially for swimming and other recreational water use, of the proposed infill...
Access to Balscadden Beach
As this is currently the subject of a feasibility study, the objective should simply provide for the provision of a universal access to the beach, without specifying the route.
Local Objectives and various policies and objectives
A number of important local objectives in the current plan have been omitted from the draft as have some other policy objectives and policy statements from the written statement. These should each be...
Local objective to recognise Bathing Waters
The plan should include an objective to recognise High Rock/ Low Rock and Balscadden Beach as Bathing Waters.
Hollywoodrath Objective
Please see overall submission attached.