Appendix 1: Housing Strategy

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Designation of lands at Thornton Hall
I support the attached submission on behalf of St Margarets The Ward Residents group to request to have the lands at Thornton Hall designated for the communities impacted by hte expansion of Dublin...
Lands at Thornton Hall
Please find attached a submission on behalf of St Margarets The Ward residents group requesting the lands at Thornton Hall be designated for relocation of people affected by Dublin Airport's expansion
Appendix 1 - Housing Strategy
Consider adding the following chapters/inclusions: Speed of delivery Consider adding a chapter on how FCC plan to improve the speed of delivery of planning applications, consultation...
Current Development proposals shockingly contravenes The Development Plan 2017-23
Howth Peninsula must be considered as one single area due to a single access on and off The Peninsula at Sutton Cross. The current number of residential units proposed for The Howth Peninsula...