Draft Regulatory Decision and related Report

Oscailtedate_range11 Sam, 2021, 12:01am - 28 Fea, 2022, 11:59pm

Draft Regulatory Decision and related Report

ANCA is responsible for the assessment of the impact of noise at Dublin Airport and has a remit to regulate for the provision of noise mitigation measures or operating restrictions where such assessments identify a noise problem. This is known as a Regulatory Decision.

Having undertaken an assessment of the aircraft noise impact of the application for planning permission (F20A/0668) and identified that a noise problem would arise from the relevant action, ANCA has now made a draft Regulatory Decision.

The draft Regulatory Decision contains the measures that ANCA proposes to direct the planning authority to include in a decision on the application.

The draft Regulatory Decision and related report are attached to this consultation.

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ANCA will have regard to all submissions or observations on these documents prior to making a Regulatory Decision. The Next Steps section of this consultation details how a decision of the planning authority containing this Regulatory Decision can be appealed and can be found in the ‘Materials’ section.

The effect of Conditions 3(d) and 5
Dear Sir/Madam   Please find attached a PDF copy of Ibec’s submission in respect of Relevant Action Planning application F20A/0668.   Regards...
Night time noise
  I am calling for the implementation of condition 3 (d) and condition 5 which were attached to the permission for the construction of the north runway
Acute Hearing
  Regulary, I am woke with the sound of Aircrafts noise in the mornings between 4.30 to 7am. I have acute hearing, unlike my neighbour who has hearing aids, noise doesn't...
Night time noise
Perhaps consideration could be given to allowing for aircraft landings only during that time on both runways