Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

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Environmental Report for the Purpose of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)


What is a Strategic Environmental Assessment?

SEA is a process to assess the environmental, social and economic effects of a proposed plan or programme. SEA allows environmental, as well as social and economic, considerations to be fully integrated into the preparation of plans and programmes prior to their final adoption. 


What work has been undertaken related to SEA?  

The objectives of an SEA are to promote sustainable development as they assess the extent to which a plan or programme helps to achieve relevant environmental, social and economic objectives.   In order to be most effective an SEA should be integrated into the preparation of plans or programmes at their earliest stages thereby allowing the SEA process to influence the final output.  ANCA has a legal duty to prepare an SEA but equally importantly the SEA process has informed the evolution of the NAO and DRD, ensuring that the environmental, social and economic implications of the proposals have been considered. 

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