2: Values, Objectives and Priorities

Dúntadate_range23 Mei, 2016, 2:29pm - 15 Iúil, 2016, 4:30pm

Fingal County Council Mission Statement

  • To be the place of choice to live, work, visit and to do business in Ireland. This is reflected through a wide range of strategic assets supporting vibrant communities, prosperous businesses and tourism.

Core Values of Fingal County Council

  • Strong customer and citizen focus
  • High standards of conduct, probity and impartiality
  • Accountable and Responsive
  • Innovative and Inclusive
  • Integrity and respect for all

Strategic Imperatives/Corporate Objectives

  • Develop economic plans and strategies to create an environment to support growth in the Fingal economy, create jobs and support business.
  • Implement the Government Housing Strategy to support sustainable communities.
  • Strengthen the proposition and marketing of tourism in Fingal through a new tourism plan and engagement with key state agencies.

Strategic Priorities


1. Economic Strategies

  • Develop and Implement the Fingal Local Economic & Community Plan
  • Adoption and Implementation of the County Development Plan 2017-2023
  • National Climate Change Adaption Framework
  • Embracing the initiatives in Putting People First through governance reforms

2. Housing and Community Strategies

  • Implement the Social Housing Strategy 2020 to increase the supply of housing in the County.
  • Promote social, cultural and economic development
  • Promote active citizenship.

3. Tourism and Events Strategies

  • Develop and implement a Tourism Strategy for Fingal that attracts visitors to the County and supports the local economy.
  • Develop and promote the tourism potential of the Heritage Properties.
  • Promote Fingal events nationally and internationally to increase the number of visitors to Fingal.