4: Implementation and Monitoring.

Dúntadate_range23 Mei, 2016, 2:29pm - 15 Iúil, 2016, 4:30pm

The Corporate Plan sets out the framework for the Annual Service Delivery Plan.  Section 134A of the Local Government Act 2001 (as inserted by Section 50 of the Local Government Reform Act 2014) requires that an Annual Service Delivery Plan be prepared setting out in detail the activities to be undertaken across all key function areas so as to deliver on the Corporate Plan objectives and be linked to the budgetary process and the performance management & development system (PMDS) and  relevant performance indicators developed by National  Oversight  &  Audit  Commission (NOAC). The Annual Service Delivery Plan will be presented to the Elected Members for adoption in 2015.

There will be an annual progress report to the Council as part of the Annual  Report  and updates will be provided in the Chief Executives Monthly Management   Report.

The National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC) will monitor the adequacy of    the Corporate Plan and evaluate its’ implementation and a copy of this Plan will be submitted to NOAC following its adoption by the Elected  Members.

Once adopted the Corporate Plan will be published on the Council’s  website  and  copies will be circulated to the  following:

  • Elected members of Fingal County Council
  • Staff of the Council
  • Members of the LCDC
  • Members of the SPC’s
  • Fingal PPN Secretariat
  • Fingal Age Friendly County Alliance
  • Fingal Senior Citizen’s Forum
  • The Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government
  • National Oversight & Audit Commission
  • Other Local Authorities

This Corporate Plan is adopted on the basis that it will be reviewed once the Local Economic Community Plan has been adopted by the Elected   Members.