Since earlier this year, with the assistance of the newly elected Council, we have been embarking on the implementation of the most far-reaching changes in local government since the establishment of local government structures in 1898. These changes embrace all key aspects of local government – structures, functions, governance, operational efficiency and funding. We will continue to keep all stakeholders appraised of progress on an ongoing  basis.

The reforms underway aim to transform local authorities to be ‘the main vehicle of governance and public service at local level – leading economic, social and community development, delivering efficient and good value services, and representing citizens  and communities, as effectively and accountably as possible.’1      It is acknowledged    that local government has been ahead of most sectors in the changes it has made to reduce costs and drive efficiencies and the changes underway aim to build on this and improve the level of confidence in the local government system generally, with a view   to positioning it to undertake a wider role in the future.  Essential to this strategic   vision is the enhancement of the capacity of local government in promoting economic development and social progress, including the well-being of communities, supporting job creation efforts and economic  recovery.

This Corporate Plan is a strategic framework for action for the tenure of the Council and sets out our vision for Fingal.

Our Mission Statement aptly describes a forward looking dynamic Council which is   fully committed to delivering services to communities in the best and most efficient  way possible. ‘To be the place of choice to live, work, visit and do business in Ireland’. This is reflected through a wide range of strategic assets supporting vibrant communities, prosperous businesses and tourism. The plan will extend from 2015 – 2019 and represents a journey that will leave us all confident that the people we serve will be the better for our efforts in five years’  time.



1 ‘Putting People First, An Action Programme for Effective Local Government’ October 2012