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Naming of Infrastructure & Installation of Commemorative Monuments or Plaques



The commemoration of significant historical events, anniversaries or people associated with or who have made important social, cultural or economic contributions to Fingal is supported by Fingal County Council.  To assist with this the Council sets out in this document a framework for the evaluation and approval of proposals for the installation of commemorative plaques, memorials or monuments in public places and buildings; or the naming of certain types of public infrastructure to honour or celebrate individuals, groups or events of significance in Fingal.


Fingal County Council has developed a Naming and Commemorative Memorial Policy in order to:

  • Establish an agreed process across all Departments for the naming of public infrastructure within the ownership or control of Fingal County Council;
  • Provide clear direction on the policy and procedures for the consideration of proposals from individuals and interest groups for the remembrance of key people or events in the history or development of Fingal;
  • Ensure that the plaques and memorials erected in public places and on buildings or the naming of public infrastructure relate to events or persons that made a significant or outstanding contribution to Fingal and have an association with the chosen location;
  • Safeguard the amenity and enjoyment of public spaces and areas by controlling the number of memorials and plaques within these public places.

This Policy takes effect from its date of adoption by Fingal County Council.  There are plaques or memorials that predate this Policy and so were not subject to the framework that has now been established.  These existing earlier memorials or plaques therefore should not be taken as a precedent for future approvals but the direction provided within this document should be followed and adhered to.

Written submissions can be sent to:

                              Janette Scott

                              Fingal County Council

                              Community, Culture & Sport Department

                              Grove Road


                               Dublin 15

CLOSING DATE FOR SUBMISSIONS  is   Friday 5th February, 2016