Part 5 - Moving Forward

opendate_range1 Oct, 2020, 12:30pm - 28 Mar, 2021, 5:00pm

Please view the document attached with respect to Part 5 - Moving Forward.

To make a submission, at the end of each “Part” of the document you will be requested to indicate your level of agreement with the information provided as follows:


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You may also wish to provide comments as part of your submission in the relevant comment box.

i strongly support any policy that results in the planting and management of as many trees as possible in Fingal.   I am a regular user of Newbridge Demesne and Malahide Castle as well as...
Part 5 Main aim is to achieve a net increase in canopy cover, but this has not been translated into any of the Policy statements for which approval is sought, and there is no target to be...
When trees are creating a problem with street lighting The current policy of removing trees which are in conflict with public lighting should change. While efforts to place trees away from...
Engage the public in expanding the Tree Preservation Order inventory by inviting them to specify their favourite trees
The general public have their own favourite trees and it could strengthen the integrity of protection and accelerate the development of an inventory of protected trees if they were invited to submit...