Part 4 - The Sustainable Management of Trees in Fingal

opendate_range1 Oct, 2020, 12:30pm - 28 Mar, 2021, 5:00pm

Please view the document attached with respect to Part 4 - The Sustainable Management of Trees in Fingal.

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Policy 7 (pg.41) Buildings 0.5-2m clearance. Due to big variance in the distance given,  I feel this creates  ambiguity as to the actual policy.  Suggest the...
Removal of Trees (pg.44) Policy 8 indicates that “The Council aims to ensure that every tree felled is replaced to guarantee a renewable tree stock in Fingal for future generations”. However...
Tree Stumps (pg.46) Proposal is to allow a “stump of about 1m high” to be left in the intervening period. Acknowledge that fallen tree stumps removal is a time and labour intensive task....
Obstruction of Street Lights (pg.57) The policy states that “Trees in residential areas that are within 5m of public lighting standard and obstructing the light to an unreasonable level may...
I hope that tree pruning will replace tree removal in my area. Lots of trees have been removed from grass verges in the Castle Avenue area and environs.