Uimhir Thagarta Uathúil: 
Fiona Gallagher

Sheet 2: Fingal North

  • Under the draft plan it appears it is proposed to rezone the land on which Elmgreen Golf Club sits as residential. As one of very few public golf courses in Dublin, Elmgreen provides 1,000 members (including children, teens, young adults, older people, and those with

    additional needs including the Irish Special Olympics Golf Team) with recreation and sports facilities they would otherwise struggle to access. I believe the course and club also meets many of the stated aims of the development plan, including Green Infrastructure and Natural Heritage; Heritage, Culture and Arts; and that any decision to rezone this land would be in direct conflict with Policy CIOSP14, Sports, recreation and play amenities (Support sports, recreational and play amenities in the County for all ages and abilities; encourage sporting and recreational organisations to achieve their aims and goals and support platforms for new and alternative sports to develop). Therefore I would ask that this element of the plan be reconsidered and the land in question not be rezoned so Elmgreen Golf Club can continue to successfully serve Fingal as it has done since 1995.

Many thanks,