Infrastructure and Data

closeddate_range4 Jun, 2019, 11:55am - 28 Jul, 2019, 6:30pm


Infrastructure & Data - Building world-class digital infrastructure for Fingal

In order to put Fingal on the map as the leader in digital innovation and advancement and to attract international investment we need to improve and develop our digital infrastructure in urban and rural Fingal, ultimately helping to dissolve the urban/rural divide and improve social and economic development.


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Digital Community Notice Board
A Digital Community Notice Board in main Fingal Towns. These could be used to advertise Events, give Weather Alerts, Traffic Information and for Electioneering so Posters dont have to be used.
Better infrastructure for everyone
The group discussed the need for - Free WiFi in parks - Safety in parks with CCTV - More Wifi and phone charging benches - App for road crossings - Route4U footpath obstacle app rolled out to...
Connectivity and Transport
The group discussed the need for - Public WiFi on main streets, tourism destinations, business districts and public buildings. - Smart parking app, sensors that give real-time info and show what...
Climate Data, Reporting & Engagement
I propose that the Core Objectives of the Digital Strategy be focused on the strategic priorities of the County, and how Digital can accelerate and improve outcomes on those priorities. At the moment...
Transport, environment and connectivity
The group discussed the need for - access to high-speed broadband for everyone - free public wifi - integrated transport - Electric vehicle charging - automatized means for environmental...