NOTICE of PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT - Part XI / Part 8: Proposed Public Realm Redevelopment & Associated Works including Open spaces, Car parking, Roads, Pedestrian footpaths and a section of the Bracken River at Quay St & Environs, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

Oscailtedate_range7 Iúil, 2022, 9:00am - 19 Lún, 2022, 5:00pm

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PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT ACT 2000 (as amended) - Part XI


Public realm redevelopment and associated works are proposed at Mill Street, Quay Street, Harbour Road, Balbriggan Harbour (Protected Structure RPS 0038), the area beneath the railway viaduct (Protected Structure RPS 0036), the RNLI lifeboat house (Protected Structure RPS 0035) and including existing open spaces, car parking, roads, pedestrian footpaths and a section of the Bracken River, all at Balbriggan, Co. Dublin.

In accordance with Part XI of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) and Part 8 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (as amended), Fingal County Council hereby gives notice of the proposed works to be carried out at the above site:

Fingal County Council (Economic, Enterprise, Tourism & Cultural Development Department) propose to carry out development on a site of 19,300 m2 / 1.93 ha approx. in Balbriggan, which includes parts of Mill Street and Quay Street and includes public footpaths, public roads, open green space, public carparks, a section of the Bracken River, foot and road bridges over the Bracken River, lands beneath the arches of the Balbriggan Railway Viaduct (Protected Structure RPS 0036), the former RNLI boat house (Protected Structure RPS 0035) and existing adjacent public toilets and playground. The site also includes the area between the Railway Viaduct and Harbour Road, part of Harbour Road to the north-east of the Railway Viaduct to the beach and part of Harbour Road on the East Pier of Balbriggan Harbour (Protected Structure RPS 0038) up to and encompassing the site of the demolished night club on the East Pier.

The proposed development includes:

  1. Redevelopment of the existing carpark areas, open space and playground to form a reordered pedestrianised public open space / market space with play space off Quay Street, focused around the arches of the Railway Viaduct.
  2. Upgrade of the carpark areas and green open space located between Mill Street, Quay Street and the harbour, including the Bracken River, to provide new hard landscaping and planting zones to encourage flora.
  3. Upgrade of street surfaces, pavements, landscaping and green infrastructure, including widening of footpaths, to improve pedestrian linkages from Main Street to Quay Street, the Railway Viaduct, the Beach and the Harbour area.
  4. New public lighting and street furniture.
  5. Redesign of existing surface carparking, including closure of vehicular access point on Quay Street, and incorporating modifications to traffic flow and parking on Quay Street, Mill Street and Harbour Road (Seapoint Lane).
  6. Works to redirect the existing overflow (currently discharging into the Bracken River) from the Irish Water pumping station off Harbour Road to a new discharge location into the Bracken River.
  7. Enhancement works to the Bracken River within the existing open space between Quay Street and Mill Street, including widening of the water course to encourage biodiversity, increase planting and improve flood resilience along the riverbank (including temporary piping of the Bracken River during the construction period of the proposed development).
  8. Resurfacing areas under the Railway Viaduct arches with new granite paving.
  9. Removal of existing low level stone walls to provide a more accessible link between Quay Street and the harbour.
  10. Provision within the vicinity of the Railway Viaduct to facilitate future potential market stalls, street food outlets and outdoor dining, to include appropriate utility connection points.
  11. Reduction of overall car parking on site, including removal of Quay Street carpark, reduction of on-street carparking and reduction of Town Carpark (Mill Street), resulting in a car park provision of 63 spaces (a reduction of 175 spaces).
  12. Provision of 152 cycle parking spaces, seating and integrated play equipment.
  13. Provision of a new single storey Harbour Building (151 sqm) on site of former night club on East Pier of Balbriggan Harbour (Protected Structure) to contain:
    • a) 1 no. commercial unit with services facing onto the harbour.
    • b) Provision of associated storage space, office and staff toilet.
    • c) Provision of public toilets and changing places unit.
    • d) Provision for seating in vicinity of the harbour building and kiosks.
  14. Provision of two new single storey, kiosk buildings (33 sqm each) on site of former night club on East Pier of Balbriggan Harbour (Protected Structure), to accommodate visitor information, retail, café, hot food take away, rental of leisure boats, cycles, paddleboards and other recreational equipment.
  15. Demolition of the existing public toilet block immediately south-west of the Railway Viaduct at the entrance to the beach and provision of temporary toilet facilities pending construction of new toilet block.
  16. Construction of a new single storey building south-west of the Railway Viaduct to include toilets, changing, lockers, ‘Changing Places Unit’ and a retail kiosk.
  17. Proposed conservation of the Former RNLI Boathouse, (Protected Structure RPS no. 0035) at Harbour Road, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, including change of use to commercial café/retail use with associated site development, services and internal alterations. The area of the single storey building is 63 sqm.
  18. All associated site development works, landscaping, services, piped infrastructure and ducting, changes in level; site landscaping and all associated site development and excavation works above and below ground.

As required by Article 81 of the 2001 Regulations and amended by Article 17(2) of the 2006 Regulations, plans and particulars of the proposed development will be available for inspection at and inspection or purchase at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy from

Thursday 7th July 2022 up to and including Friday 5th August 2022 at the following:

The Offices of Fingal County Council, County Hall, Main Street, Swords, Co. Dublin, K67 X8Y2

during normal opening hours (Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 4.30pm excluding Bank & Public Holidays)

Balbriggan Public Library, Georges Square, Balbriggan, Co Dublin, K32 TW27

(during library opening hours)

Submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situated, may be made either online through our website or in writing to:-

Senior Executive Officer,

Economic Enterprise Tourism and Cultural Development Department, Fingal County Council, County Hall, Swords, Co Dublin

Submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development must arrive no later than

5pm on Friday 19th August 2022.

In accordance with Articles 81 and 120 of the Planning & Development Regulations 2001 (as amended), Fingal County Council has concluded from a preliminary examination that no significant effects on the environment are likely as a result of the proposed development and that an Environmental Impact Assessment is not required. Any person may, within 4 weeks from the date of this notice, apply in accordance with the provisions of article 120 of the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (as amended) to An Bord Pleanála for a screening determination as to whether the development would be likely to have significant effects on the environment.

Issues raised in submissions and observations to the Council in regard to this development, including the response of the Chief Executive thereto, will form part of the statutory report to be presented to the monthly meeting of Fingal County Council. The statutory report will also list the persons or bodies who made submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development in accordance with regulations made under Part XI of the Planning and Development Act as amended. The minutes of that meeting including the statutory report will appear on the Council’s Website. Details including the names of those making submissions or observations may be shared with relevant Council Departments and agents working on their behalf.