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BARNHILL Local Area Plan 2017-2023 - Strategic Issues Paper

BARNHILL Local Area Plan 2017-2023 - Strategic Issues Paper


Fingal County Council is commencing the Local Area Plan (LAP) for Barnhill (lands south of the Dublin-Dunboyne Rail Line) in order to provide a statutory framework for the proper planning and sustainable development of the tract of 45.64 hectares of undeveloped land zoned Objective ‘RA’ Residential Area with the objective to– ‘Provide for new residential communities in accordance with approved local area plans and subject to the provision of the necessary social and physical infrastructure’ and 3.88 hectares zoned Objective ‘OS’ Open Space with the objective to – ‘Preserve and provide for open space and recreational amenities’.

The Fingal Development Plan 2017-2023 includes important quality of life initiatives such as the Green Infrastructure Strategy and an emphasis on high quality design. This LAP will enable these principles to be included with a strong emphasis on quality of life aspects such as neighbourhoods that support thriving communities, recreational spaces, new linkages and biodiversity. It will also facilitate a comprehensive assessment of infrastructure services in the area such as roads and foul and surface water facilities inclusive of SuDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems).

The plan review and preparation process will be guided by a wide range of considerations, such as public and stakeholder consultation, the key issues and needs identified by local communities and businesses, employment activities and opportunities, services and infrastructure available and required, heritage and environmental issues, statutory requirements, etc. This Issues Paper highlights key issues/questions that may need to be considered in preparing the Local Area Plan for Barnhill.

This site comprises in total approximately 49.52 hectares of land in Barnhill, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. The land is located circa 3km from Blanchardstown Town Centre, 4.1km from Blanchardstown Main Street and 12.4 km from O’Connell Street, Dublin. It is situated directly south of Hansfield Rail Station and the Dunboyne to Clonsilla Rail Line, and, west of the Royal Canal and the Dublin-Maynooth Railway Line, and, east of the R149. The lands are flat, in agricultural use and characterised by field boundaries comprised of hedging and native tree species. There are 9 no. residential houses and 1 no. industrial type storage facility on the lands.

Having Your Say


Your Role

The preparation of the Local Area Plan has two phases: A Pre-Draft and Draft phase

Presently we are at the ‘pre-draft’ stage which is followed by the preparation and publication of a Draft LAP. At both stages the planning authority undertakes public consultation exercises and invites your comments.

If you are interested in the development of the Barnhill LAP and wish to contribute to the shaping of its future, please make a written submission to the Planning Authority at this stage before the 28th of July 2017.


Why should you get involved

Local input is considered vital to the entire LAP process and we value what you have to say. We hope that this issues paper will initiate interest and debate resulting in constructive, positive and helpful feedback. Submissions are not limited to the issues raised in this paper so please feel free to raise any other issue or area of interest/concern which you consider relevant.


Your submissions may be made in the following ways :

By post to

Senior Executive Officer, Planning and Strategic Infrastructure Department, Fingal County Council, County Hall, Main Street, Swords, Co Dublin. K67 X8Y2



Online submissions or observations may be made through our website  Or  By email to


Only submissions that are signed, addressed and received by the 28th July 2017 can be accepted. Please note the submission date has now been extended to 11th August 2017.

All submissions received during this period will be considered by the Council in the drafting