A Local Area Plan (LAP) is a legal document and a public statement of planning policies and objectives for the development of a given location. The Kinsaley LAP sets out a framework for the development of the village with the emphasis on proper planning and sustainable development. Essentially, the LAP provides planning guidance to local residents and those interested in development in the village. It identifies the potential for and the extent and type of development that is appropriate to the village, including the provision of housing. It also includes measures for the protection of the environment and the economic, social and cultural development of the area.


The preparation of the LAP involves consultation with the local community to get people’s ideas on how they would like to see their village develop. It is valid for six years from the date of adoption by Fingal County Council, unless extended by resolution of the Council.


Your Role

The preparation of the Kinsaley Local Area Plan (LAP) involves two phases. Firstly, a non- statutory Pre-Draft phase and secondly, a statutory Draft phase.


Fingal County Council is now beginning the Pre-Draft phase of the LAP and has prepared this Issues Paper to inform the public. This phase will be followed by the preparation and publication of a Draft LAP. During both phases, the Council will undertake public consultation and invites your comments.


If you are interested in how Kinsaley will develop and wish to contribute to the shaping of its future, please make a written submission to the Planning Authority at this Pre-Draft stage by Friday 13th July 2018.


To find out more and to speak with members of the planning team, an Information/Drop In Session for members of the public will be held in the Parish Hall adjacent St. Nicholas of Myra Church on the 13th of June 2018 between 3pm and 8pm.


Why get involved?

Local input is vital to the entire LAP process and we value what you have to say. We hope that this Issues Paper will stimulate interest and initiate debate resulting in constructive, positive and helpful feedback. Submissions are not limited to the issues raised in this paper so please raise any other issue of interest or area of concern which you consider relevant.


Your submissions may be made in the following ways:

Uploading submissions on the Fingal County Council Website:

By email to

Or by post to

Senior Executive Officer,

Planning and Strategic Infrastructure Department, Fingal County Council, County Hall,

Main Street, Swords, Co. Dublin

K67 X8Y2


Only submissions that are signed, addressed and received by Friday 13th July 2018 can be accepted. All submissions received during this period will be considered by the Council in the drafting of the new Kinsaley LAP and details including the names of those making submissions may be shared with relevant Council Departments or their agents involved in the making of the LAP and may form part of reports linked to the making of the LAP.