Part 4: Making it Happen

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Summary of Actions

Photo:Aerial Photograph of Ardgillan Demesne during the Giro dItalia 2014
Aerial Photograph of Ardgillan Demesne during the Giro dItalia 2014

4.1 An Open Space Policy for Fingal

This  document  sets  out  a  vision  for  the  planning,  development  and sustainable  management  of  Public  Open  Space  in  Fingal.  This  section contains the actions to be carried out as part of the implementation of this strategy. The actions are set out in relation the 5 themes of the strategy namely Value, Quantity, Quality, Sustainability and Conservation.

4.2 Open Space Value

The Council recognises the wide range of benefits conferred on its citizens through the provision of high quality public open spaces. These include health, social, economic and environmental (including biodiversity) benefits. Part 2 of this document outlines current research and up to date information underpinning our understanding of these benefits.
Action: The Council will continue to promote healthy active life styles and encourage a greater use of our public open space.


To this end the Council will build on initiatives such as the provision of adult exercise equipment, all-weather pitches, multi-use games areas (MUGAs) and skateparks. In addition the Council will continue to facilitate activities such as “Park-run”, triathlons and family fun days along with a wide range of festivals and community events thus increasing the relevance of our open spaces in the day to day lives of people living in Fingal.

4.3 Open Space Quantity

The Council will continue to acquire open space to meet the needs of Citizens for active and passive recreational purposes.
Action: Open space will continue to be planned, provided and Taken In Charge through the planning process.
Action: Major new parks will be provided at: 
Bremore Regional Park in Balbriggan,
• Northwest Balbriggan,
• Balleally Former Landfill,
• Swords Regional Park,
• Tyrrellstown, Dublin 15
• Dunsink Former Landfill, Castleknock
Map: Swords regional park Master plan
Swords Regional Park Master  Plan

4.4 Quality of Open Space in Fingal

Greater emphasis will be placed on the quality of open space provision in particular to meet accessibility standards and the requirements of Green Infrastructure Planning as set out in the Fingal Development Plan.
The Recreational Hubs concept has been developed to encourage multi-use and sustainable community sporting facilities. More extensive and accessible  play facilities will enhance our open space provision for children.
Action: The Green Flag Award Scheme will be rolled out in coming years to develop qualitative standards in Open Space and achieve greater sustainability in open space management and maintenance.
Action: The mapping of open space and auditing of outdoor facilities will be continued to ensure that the necessary quantity and accessibility of open space is being achieved and to plan adequately for future population changes.
Action: The Council will continue to pursue the development of Recreational Hubs at key locations throughout the County.
Action: Fingal Council will pilot the provision of Natural Play Areas in open spaces. The first of these facilities will be provided at St. Catherine’s Park, Lucan.
Action: Develop master plans for existing Regional Parks and large existing open spaces in Fingal.

4.5 Sustainability of Open Space

Providing sustainable open space is a key motivation to the development of this Strategy. The Planning and Design of Open Space along with the approach to its Management and Maintenance combine to determine the sustainability of its provision. The strategy details a wide range of initiatives aimed at enhancing the environmental and economic sustainability of our parks and open spaces.
These include the following actions:
Action: Implement Open Space maintenance hierarchy outlined in Part 3.2
Action: Update approach to Open Space layout and design as outlined in Part 3.3.
Action: Adopt and promote Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDS) Best Practice Guidelines
Action: Comprehensively revise and update the Open Space Bye-laws as proposed in Part 3.8 of this Strategy
Action: Implement the draft Policy on Memorial Dedication of Benches and Trees in Open Spaces
Action: Improve Biodiversity in Parks and Open Spaces through a range of initiatives aimed at increasing opportunities for wildlife.

4.6 Conservation of Open Space

The  historic  significance  and  environmental  sensitivity  of  Fingal’s  parks and open spaces is emphasised in this draft strategy document.  Initiatives aimed at protecting these landscapes for current and future generations include the following actions:
Action: Prepare Conservation & Management Plans for all our major Public Demesnes and heritage landscapes used as public parks and open spaces.  Further master-planning for these parks will take account of the objectives outlined in the relevant Conservation Plans.
Action: Implement the Open Space Strategy guidelines in relation to Archaeology on Open Space as outlined in Part 3 of this document
Photo: Victorian Glasshouse Talbot Botanic Gardens
Victorian Glasshouse Talbot Botanic Gardens

Value of Open Space to the residents of Lusk and the wider Fingal community
Having read the Lusk Community Sports Plan 2020 and the projected growth in terms of population within Fingal and in particular Lusk over the next 5 to 10 years, (Membership of both Lusk Utd AFC...