9.1 Noise

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The mitigation and control of aircraft noise is currently determined by legislation set out by a UN organisation called the ICAO and the EU, including:

  • The Reduction of Noise at Source (ICAO Noise standards);

  • The ICAO ‘Balanced Approach’ to noise management,

  • EU Regulation 598/14, which enshrines the ‘balanced approach’ into EU Law;

  • The Aircraft Noise (Dublin Airport) Regulation Act 2019.

The ‘balanced approach’ sets out a method of noise management that favours reduction of noise at the locations affected, through land-use planning and noise reduction measures. To comply with the EU noise management Regulation, the Aircraft Noise (Dublin Airport) Regulation Act 2019 designates Fingal County Council as the ‘Competent Authority’ for the purposes of monitoring Aircraft Noise levels at Dublin Airport. This legislation also introduces a new set of procedures for noise assessment and management.

The Dublin Airport LAP is a land use plan for the purposes of effective land-use planning and safeguarding the use of the Airport. Noise zones relating to Dublin Airport have been in place for many years to aid land use planning, with the current noise zones first contained in the Fingal Development Plan 2005-2011. The current noise zones are based on noise exposure from an expanded Dublin Airport including a new north runway. The basis of the noise zones was underpinned by relevant guidance in relation to aircraft noise and its effects available at that time. Since the publication of those zones in 2005, and over the last decade, further evidence has emerged that has updated understanding of how aircraft noise can affect health and quality of life. With the north runway set to become operational in 2022, updated information is available relating to aircraft noise performance and flight paths. For these reasons, it is considered appropriate to update the noise zones for Dublin Airport to allow for more effective land use planning for development within airport noise zones.

The proposed updated noise zones are set out in Figure 9.1. Proposed noise zones and policies relating to noise are set out in the proposed Variation No. 1 to the Fingal Development Plan 2017 - 2023.


The Noise Action Plan for Dublin Airport 2019 -2023 (NAP) prepared under the Environmental Noise Regulations 2006 was adopted in December 2018. The Noise Action Plan is designed to manage noise issues and effects associated with existing operations at Dublin Airport. The NAP sets out proposed actions including the following relating to land use planning and management:

  • Keep under review land-use policies in relation to aircraft noise through the review of existing land use planning policy in so far as it relates to Dublin Airport.

  • Monitor noise encroachment associated with Dublin Airport to ensure that land use planning policy is appropriately informed as it relates to Dublin Airport.

This LAP and the above mentioned Variation no. 1 to the Fingal Development Plan 2017 – 2023 provide the land use planning framework to achieve these actions.

The impact of noise generated from other aviation related sources (for example ground engine testing, maintenance, etc) within the Airport lands must also be considered with regard to adjoining land uses and amenities. Planning applications for development which generates significant noise should be accompanied by a noise impact assessment as set out in Chapter 7 of this LAP

Figure 9.1 - Dublin Airport Proposed Noise Zones



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