2. Dublin Airport in context

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Ireland enjoys a strategic geographic position at the gateway to Europe and North America. The designation of Dublin as a core airport within the Trans-European Network,14 and specifically on the North Sea – Mediterranean Core Corridor,15 ensures strong legal and development frameworks at EU level. As Ireland’s primary international gateway, Dublin Airport distinguishes itself from other State airports and brings significant benefits nationally and regionally. Dublin Airport’s role as the Country’s main transport gateway is an essential infrastructural asset of paramount importance to our global connectivity and national economy. The Airport is strategically positioned for development into an established secondary hub of European significance as set out in the National Aviation Policy. Dublin Airport has a number of features which makes it attractive to air carriers, including its geographic location on the North Atlantic Trans-Continental route, US Preclearance, single terminal transfers, and its location near the national capital city with its significant catchment area.

Dublin Airport is located only 10km north of Dublin City Centre with direct access to the national motorway system, the Dublin Port Tunnel and major surface public transport corridors.

As Dublin Airport is easily accessible from the rest of Ireland with direct access to the national motorway system and existing and future major public transport corridors, it serves as an all island resource. In addition, the Airport is the primary tourism entry-point and international logistics node for air cargo for the island of Ireland and functions as a business and employment cluster of regional importance as part of the Dublin – Belfast Economic Corridor. The Airport is also a strategically important business location capable of attracting mobile inward investment.

Dublin Airport located c.5km from the County town of Swords within Fingal is considered to be an essential component of Fingal’s local economy that must be supported, and is a readily accessible location for existing and future employment for Fingal residents.

The existing scale, function, location and the strength of its catchment and growing hub status provide significant opportunities for future growth and development at Dublin Airport, all of which is recognised in national, regional and local planning and ancillary policy documents. The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport’s, A National Aviation Policy for Ireland and the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government’s Project Ireland 2040 - National Planning Framework both emphasise the importance of Dublin Airport for the future prosperity of Ireland, as well as the Dublin City Region.

Figure 2.1 - Dublin Airport International Context
Figure 2.2 - Dublin Airport National and Regional Context
  • 14 - The comprehensive Trans-European Network [TEN] incorporates the subset Trans-European Transport Network [TEN-T Network] which represents the strategically most important transport nodes and links of the trans-European transport networks designated by the EU. The TEN-T network on the Island of Ireland links the main urban centres of Belfast-Dublin and Cork and encompasses the road, rail and other transport modes on this route. The EU works to promote TEN-T networks by a combination of leadership, coordination, issuance of guidelines and funding aspects of development.
  • 15 - The North Sea-Mediterranean Corridor is one of the nine priority axes of the Trans-European Transport Network. It stretches from Ireland and the north of UK through the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg to the Mediterranean Sea in the south of France and will strongly contribute to European interconnectivity and cohesion.



Draft Dublin Airport Local Area Plan
Attached is a submission on the Draft Dublin Airport Local Area Plan
Draft Dublin Airport Local Area Plan
Please find attached a Submission of behalf of the St. Margaret's The Ward Residents Group
Draft Dublin Airport Local Area Plan
Please see attached Submission on the Draft Dublin Airport Local Area Plan
Noise levels
I object to the extending of flights into and out of Dublin Airport.
Noise Pollution Dublin Airport
Increasing the number of night time flights is unacceptable. Living in the flight path of the primary runway we already suffer as a result of excessive flights in and out of Dublin airport, but...