Noise Abatement Objective (NAO) for Dublin Airport

Closeddate_range11 Nov, 2021, 12:01am - 28 Feb, 2022, 11:59pm

A Noise Abatement Objective for Dublin Airport

What is a Noise Abatement Objective?

A Noise Abatement Objective (NAO) is a policy objective for managing the effects of aircraft noise emissions on the surrounding communities and environment at an airport. It is a plan to ensure that any growth at the airport occurs in the most sustainable manner possible.

An NAO may be used to guide the decisions that are needed to manage the aircraft noise aspects of future aircraft operations at Dublin Airport, such as those that are set out in this consultation. 

Why have we prepared one?

Legislation requires the application of the Balanced Approach of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) where a noise problem or potential problem is identified at an airport. A noise assessment by ANCA determined that the granting of a relevant action as proposed by planning application F20A/0668 would lead to a noise problem at Dublin Airport.

An NAO is therefore required to quantify the extent of the noise problem and assist in the identification of suitable mitigation measures. 

The NAO is an important consideration with regard to the selection and evaluation of operating restrictions and noise mitigation measures in the context of the making of a Regulatory Decision by the Aircraft Noise Competent Authority.   Legislation requires that mitigation measures for a given airport shall not be more restrictive than is necessary in order to achieve the environmental noise abatement objectives set for that airport. 

The Noise Abatement Objective for Dublin Airport and explanatory report is attached to this consultation and can be found in the ‘Materials’ section.

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North Runway
I am very distressed to see DAA are in a process to remove the night-time safeguards for our sleep and health requirements that are necessary per the WHO, this even before the runway has opened
Aircraft noise
Definitely not
Night time flights
Night time flights
Noise and air polution
We are directly under the flight path. This will cause our family great disruption. 
The objectives are not ambitious enough
The noise abatement objectives as outlined are very conservative. The noise impact of motor vehicles is expected to be much reduced by the various target dates outlined (2030 etc.) due to electric...